RadonEye RD200 PLUS2

445 € por detector sin IVA

RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 is a consumer tool designed for use in single-family homes, apartment blocks, and workplaces. It offers a sensitivity up to 20 times higher than that of other commercially available consumer instruments. It can be useful, among others, in radon remediation and in workplaces with timed ventilation.

Order radon detectors if you want to examine the average annual value of radon . With a measurement of this type you will obtain an accredited and approved result, which may be requested by the municipal authorities.


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RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 measures the radon level quickly and with adequate precision. At a normal indoor radon rate, the uncertainty in an hour-long measurement is approximately 10%. The measurement value, updated on the display every 10 minutes, is based on the most recent time check. Measurement data is transmitted via Wi-Fi, allowing a real-time reading of the instrument. You can also choose to query the device by connecting it to your mobile via Bluetooth. An excellent tool for property owners and consultants who, for example, want to analyze the radon concentration in an apartment block.

With RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 you get:

  • An instrument designed for homes with superior performance compared to other consumer tools.
  • Measurement data transmitted in real time via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a mobile phone or a computer.
  • An accurate measurement value in the space of one hour.
  • Chronological distribution with a real time clock.

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